I feel like this post happens more and more; me discussing my inconsistency. I know I shouldn’t have to, and nor do I really feel the need to (sorry), but really it is more about me getting things off my chest.

P has been working basically overtime in another city for another business we started together. We have had issues over issues over issues with it. Ideally, we should have been completed the job by now, however, it seems like it has been, unfortunately extended until… TBD. With a surprising turn of events, it may be less than a recent estimation, but I have no real hope any more. As he is working in another city 4-5 days a week, it means almost 100% of everything is put on my shoulders. As I have no drivers license, I have to take everything with public transport and it is doing my head in, as well as wasting my time.

E has had multiple dental emergencies and since there is no coverage here as it was in the UK, I have spent just shy of $1000.oo tending to this issue. It started less than a month ago when I was out with N, and I got a call to pick her up due to a tooth ache. I booked an emergency appointment with the closest dentist and raced to pick her up. P wasn’t around so I had to take public transportation, which took me 30 minutes to get to her! In a car, it would have been 5mins as really I was just up the street. I have had a total of 4 appointments in less than a month. What really gets me is that I was already aware of the issue, and even spoke with a dentist shortly after I arrived here. They all said “leave it”…I spoke with 3…they all said the same. Now the damage is done to her, and to our wallets.

I started to work a full time job, but from home. The business is P’s and my own however the client is a UK based one. I am supposed to start it at 6am, however I get so busy with the kids in the morning and don’t end up starting until 9am. This also pushes back when I finish, as well as any other appointments etc during the day I may have the day… Last week, to catch up on all of the work I had been losing, every day of the week meant I was working until almost midnight. This meant to blog, I would have to be up until at least 2 am, with a mental down time of 1 hour in bed. Finally being up at 5 am… -sigh- The cycle continues.

Sadly, this awful exchange of time and increased stress and has caused me to pack on the pounds, and it is noticeable. I am not actually eating shitty foods, but more like not taking the time to eat in general. I’ve had to stop exercising, and am for the most part just sedentary.

Honestly, I am not happy with this current lifestyle.

Just when I think the roller coaster is going down, it goes back up again.