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Blogger is a great starter platform, and ideal for those who have little to no knowledge about web design, html, or even how to get your site off of the ground, yet there are limitations. After a while you begin to realize blogger is a free writing platform for a reason. Codes can break as they are no longer supported, uploading can be a pill, or worse, you realize your limitation is preventing your blog from going further. Generally speaking, this tends to be when the term WordPress Migration gets thrown around.

If you have ever wondered about WordPress migration from Blogger, you are not alone. It can be a daunting and arduous task. From simple research regarding what you need to get started, to the actual migration; it’s enough to want to make one break down in tears.

Whether you decided to go it alone, or with a migration service, the price tend to be more than what they seem, especially if you have no idea where to start. The cost can pile up in one go, or you end up with a never ending billing (contract)cycle. Either way you need decide if your blog (or yourself as a whole) is fiscally ready for the move. For your peace of mind, I have a break down of what you will need to purchase for the entire WordPress migration to go smoothly.

The Real Price Of WordPress Migration

Your Domain
If you haven’t already, you will need to purchase you own personalised domain.  IE www.chocolateandlipstick.com, as opposed to chocolateandlipstick.blogspot.com or similar. Your domain is what a reader will type into the address box to head to your blog. As when you created your blog, you want it to be easy to remember/something that will stick out in their minds, but it comes at a cost. Let’s take Godaddy for example. If you have yet to purchase a domain, the first year of your domain will be purchased at £1.99, then £9.99 for each year PLUS £0.11 per year in ICANN (tax [Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers]). Let’s remove the 1st year introduction fee as chances are most of you already have a domain. This will give us a total of £10.10 per year for your domain.  However long you purchase the domain for, you may have to renew at the same price, or the price may rise. At the moment however, it is reasonable.
Assigned Domain Name: £10.10 per year from GoDaddy.

Web Hosting
Web hosting is yet another expense that is pertinent to moving from Blogger to a Self Hosted WordPress blog. Web hosting differs from site to site, but they all seem to have their sneaky little costs, price reductions when purchased “in bulks” or unwanted junk. This took me MONTHS to research, and what nearly broke me down in tears. I have had many issues with various Web Hosting companies. Often I actually called customer service, only to be lied to or misunderstood. It was a vicious hassle. However, in the end, I settled with BlueHost. Their prices aren’t wholly transparent and you will often have to divulge further to understand your fees, however, it is “cheaper per month” with price reductions when purchased in bulk.
GoDaddy does offer Managed Web Hosting, and can be purchased on a month to month basis for only £5.99 per month, and is the ONLY company that allows this type if contract. That being said, their “WordPress Staff” knew nothing and I could never get a straight answer from them. This is why I went with BlueHost. –
BlueHost can be difficult to figure out as they have different prices for the exact same thing, but at different sections of the site (cheapest price here).  -Note. If hosting with BlueHost and you have yet to purchase a domain name, Bluehost offers a free domain with purchase, but you will have to eventually renew as well)
Bluehost offers a domain, 50gb of webspace, unmetered bandwidth (so no site crashing), upto 5 free email accounts, and with 100mb per email account storage. Prices start at $3.49 per month when purchased for 36 months, eitherwise it is $4.95 per month for 12 months. They do not do month to month. Therefore the total for the “cheapest per month” is £3.49 for 36 months or  $125.64 (currently £87.16)
Web Hosting Fee’s for 1 year $59.40/ £41.21 with price decreasing with increased monthly bulk purchases from BlueHost.

Your Template 
Whatever template you are currently using will not work with a WordPress Self Hosted blog as the codes are somewhat different. While you could probably find a free Responsive Site Template available online, from what I have seen, chances are it would bring the quality of your site down. So you will want to purchase a new template. Template prices vary from one design company to the next, therefore I will be using Pipdig as an example as it is well known in the blogging community and relevant to my next category.
Pipdig currently has 16 gorgeous templates and all but one are £39.00 per template. It can be purchased and downloaded instantly and uploaded by yourself, or you can enlist Phil from Pipdig to  apply the template for you at no extra cost, though time may take slightly longer. £39.00 for a responsive template design is one of the lower fees I have seen in my search.
New Responsive Template Design for £39.00 from Pipdig.

WordPress Migration
After reading many, many horror stories of WordPress Migration (and having a few of my own) I set out to look for a reputable company I could enlist to relieve the stress I had been feeling, and it led me once again to Phil of Pipdig. I know a few bloggers who set themselves up on WordPress, and almost all said it was a stressful endeavor as it requires so much more than they thought: IE Bloglovin Followers do not automatically transfer over. Likewise, those who purchased a service to do it for them were, for the most part, stress free, and Pipdig had top marks. Phil stays until the very end, ensuring your Blogger blog (or even wordpress.com/squarespace) is 100% transferred. He will install the WordPress.org platform on your self hosted and managed site. Will set up your domain with your brand new settings, migrate 100% of your blog posts, images, subscribers and retains your SEO/Google ranking and bloglovin’ followers and much more. The whole process can take less than a day or even two, and he remains in constant contact to keep you updated.
I have seen many services with prices upwards to £300 JUST for the migration which is ludacris. Pipdig charges only £65 (for Blogger transfer). If you were to purchase his migration services AND a template from his company, migration goes down to £45. Believe me, it is well worth it (he even has me quoted on his site).
Migration of your Blog £65, with purchase of any Responsive WordPress Template, £45.00.

Total Cost
Lets consider this purchase WITH the stress-free migration service, the template, hosted site and domain on a 1 year basis minus the domain introductory fee (as it isn’t always available): £10.10 for domain, £41.21 for web hosting, and£39.00 for template is £90.31 on a yearly average. For the first year, WITH the migration, the total overall cost is  £135.31. The following years, migration will no longer be needed, and a new site template is optional, making the second year only £51.31 (prices may vary).

The initial cost of WordPress Migration can be quite significant if you do not do your research. However the following years, the price does go down considerably, and for someone who recently switched over, I can honestly say it was/is worth the investment!


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