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The possible connection of Kylie Cosmetics actually being ColourPop has dominated the beauty gossip since KC’s first appearance. Those who have both brands have certainly been trying to make a pin point connection. Swatches, formula comparisons and location spotting has all been done in an effort to catch Ms Jenner in a lie. But are we actually spending $29 for a lip kit, when we could be spending a total $11?

Several months ago, I went on a researching binge to find the honest to goodness truth. First, I started with Kylie Cosmetics, then I continued with ColourPop. My query to the Kylie Cosmetics customer service is screenshot below. email from Kylie Cosmetics

Of course, I wouldn’t take their word for it, and expected ColourPop’s answer to be similar, if not just as cookie cutter. Have you noticed the date of the above email? ColourPop has not responded to my email. In fact, I sent 4 similarly posed questions since this date and not one was answered. I suspect they just delete these “harassing emails” at this point. However, that poses a different question about their customer service all together.

Back to it: Those who regularly purchase both will notice the shipping address states they are from Seed Beauty. This probably comes to no surprise that both companies are created in the Seed Beauty Lab, but that is hardly damning evidence. Even King Kylie (gawd, I loathe that name) has come clean on that stance. On a video she posted to her app, she said

“ColourPop and I (Kylie Cosmetics) are not the same formula. I have an exclusive formula that I created myself, but we have the same manufacturer, along with so many other brands… Just like how those big brands aren’t ColourPop is exactly how my brand is…”

Excuse the bitchiness, but her grammar is atrocious.   One would be foolish if one truly expected her to out herself and her company. What she not so eloquently tried to explain is “The mother company, Seed Beauty aka ColourPop, previously Spatz Laboratories, is where her cosmetics line was founded, but it stops there. It is merely a laboratory that can create different formulas and has done so for her and her line”.

And it is true.

Seed Beauty has been around for a lot longer than the short (almost) 3 years. It has been around since 1955/56 under Spatz Laboratiries. With a recent revamp, it is what we know it as today, Seed Beauty, AKA ColourPop. Certainly in this length of time, they have a multitude of formulas. However one must consider how it is nothing more than an Umbrella, just like Tam Beauty is for Makeup Revolution, I <3 Makeup etc.

With that in mind, even the Better Business Bureau has their hand on the very query.

2017-01-17 (3)

2017-01-17 (6)

Note the address of the company, as well as the business management, CEO of both. That is Seed Beauty. In fact, months ago, Seed Beauty had their own entry into the BBB, but now it directs itself to the ColourPop page (BBB Link). Also notice the rating for Kylie Cosmetics has gone up (previously a C: read here), and yet still not BBB accredited? Certainly intriguing.

Now onto the formula. Here is the BBB’s take:

2017-01-17 (7)

This, once more, does state that Kylie Cosmetics (BBB Link) is a separate formula. However, if this still does not calm your soul about the formulas, here are screenshots of their ingredient list. The first is ColourPop (photo credit, you’ll need to zoom in, and the second is Kylie Cosmetics ingredient list.

Kylie Cosmetics Is Actually ColourPop main

Kylie Cosmetics Is Actually ColourPop ingredients 1


Yes, the first four ingredients are identical, however further on, the ingredients change. Now, I have seen MANY ingredient comparisons, but many do not understand how to read ingredients properly. When you read the ingredients label, the very first ingredient has the highest content. The second ingredient has the second highest content. The third, the third highest content, and etc. This continues on throughout the list.

As from the fifth ingredient, the ingredients are different, or “rearranged”. This does not mean they are the same formula. Just the opposite, it means it is a separate formula. If however, the company were to change the list, they would be headed for a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit. This would be filed by all of the past consumers, and possibly the state of California. To mislead that many people would be considered fraudulent (read: protecting consumers) .

With that in mind, if this doesn’t “alleviate your concerns”, then you should just reconsider the purchase. Honestly, consider this: while Kylie Cosmetics is $29 for a matte lip and the lip liner, ColourPop has matte lips and matching liners for $11 total (as stated above). If you are taking issue with the formula possibility, just buy two products from ColourPop. Heck, buy 3 matte lips and 3 liners (6 products total) for almost the same amount as 1 kit.

And with that, I am out.

What are your thoughts on the Kylie Cosmetics?