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I am a PR Friendly Blogger. If you work in PR, or have a product you would like for me to trial, feel free to email me with your product info for a possible product review. If agreed, please keep in mind all opinions shall remain 100% my own. Also, please ensure that the product is in keeping tone with the theme of the blog. If you need the product to be reviewed by a specific date, please state so within the email so that I can fit it in the schedule.

If you are looking to Advertise, or place a Sponsored Post, please contact me* so we may discuss it options and prices further, whether your are a blogger or company.
*Please note: if you are asking for a sponsored posts, yet do not wish for me to disclose the post is sponsored, my answer will be no.
If you are asking for advertising, but have a bad reputation, my answer will be no.

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Alternatively, you can email me via the form below.

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