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Chocolate & Lipstick
My name is Angela Angeline.
I am a Canadian lady living in the UK, and recently naturalised. I am married, a mother of two: one girl and one boy; Stay at home Mom, accredited Beauty Therapist & MUA, PR Friendly Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger, and former baker.

I am pedantic, anal, and often quite saccharine. I have a pen fetish, and I go nuts for any shoes and handbags full of zippers and buckles. I love purple hair, tattoos and metal music, but don’t mind the occasional Twinkle twinkle little star.
Beauty Profile.

Skin type: Normal. Though it used to be very dry.
Skin tone: Medium, cool
Eye colour: Dark brown
Hair colour: Naturally black.
Hair type: Thin and fine. Oily scalp, dry tips damaged.
Tattoo’s and piercings: 3 tattoo’s and 8 piercings (4 per ear).

This blog is Monday to Sunday with certain themes that pop up occasionally.

Monday’s: Lifestyles, events and tags.
Tuesday-Thursday: Reviews, either purchased or PR samples. (All PR samples are noted with an asterisk (*)in the title, and 100% honest)
Feeding Frenzy (Friday): posted only on Fridays with various requested recipes (most often requested via instagram).
Better Beauty Saturday: Full of tips and tricks to get your look and skin to it’s loveliest.
Sunday Ensemble: A gathering of the weeks past post complete with links and a quick description.