Flyte Clean Energy Drink

Flyte Clean Energy Drink

If you used to follow my Snapchat, you would have noticed how often I drink, and I don’t mean alcohol. I mean, coffee, tea, smoothies, all that wonderful hydrating goodness. Additionally, you probably would have noticed that it isn’t abnormal for me to have 3 or more drinks on the go at any given notice. I just like to stay hydrated. Therefore when Flyte reached out, there was real excitement at giving them a try.

Flyte Clean Energy Drink is naturally sourced, low in calorie and gives you energy through organic caffeine (green coffee) while being non GMO. The drinks natural sugars are sourced from fruit and the stevia plant. To further indulge in mental clarity, Flyte, is topped off with maca root, schizandra and griffonia – all of which encourages focus, and a mental lift.

Available in four flavours, £12/6 pack, Orange Clementine, Green Mango, Red Berries, and Citrus Lemon, Flyte is lightly carbonated drink. For me, it just isn’t something I personally enjoy. However not a big issue in the grand scheme of things.

Some of the flavours, though supposedly natural, feel as if I am getting a hit of a chalky, chewable vitamin. My apologies, but I didn’t like it as a kid, and I still don’t. I found this hit of chalkiness most dominant in the Red Berries flavour. On the other hand, Orange Clementine seemed to be the most flavorful in my opinion, with Citrus Lemon the most watered down. Upon ingredient inspection, it would seem this to be quite accurate. As for Green Mango, I will be honest, I have no idea where the mango came from as it taste more like passion fruit, which is in the ingredients and not mango.

When I dislike something, trust me when I say, people know. I don’t dislike them as a whole, as I do enjoy the refreshing flavour of Orange Clementine. However, if I had grabbed any other flavour, I would be quite disappointed. Regardless, while Flyte’s Orange Clementine does “hit the spot”, I have personally never heard of Griffonia nor Schizandra. These miracle plants which boost energy, focus etc and are prominently printed on the packaging, are off putting. While I enjoy the transparency, it still gives me momentary pause.

Flyte Clean Energy Drink

Orange Clementine, 330ml – made with grape, lemon, lime and tangerine.

Green Mango, 330ml – made with grape, passion fruit, lemon and lime.

Red Berries, 330ml – made with strawberries, raspberries, grapes, lemon and lime.

Citrus Lemon, 330ml – made with lemon, lime and grape.

All Flyte drinks are made with a light carbonation, additional flavours, vitamins, sweeteners and various plant extracts.


*I received Flyte Clean Energy Drink in exchange for review, yet all opinions are my own.



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