Last Minute Gifts Ideas from The Beauty Kitchen

Last Minute Gifts Ideas from The Beauty Kitchen

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Right now, I have the luxury of sitting down and relaxing for the days leading up to Christmas. However, I do know that other people are not so lucky. Take for instance – my husband. He has not purchased a single gift and therefore only has TWO days left until the big holiday is here. He will be stressing and overworked trying to find the perfect gift. But that is his doing -no shady here-

Thankfully for every one else, I got you covered. The Beauty Kitchen, available through Holland & Barrett, is a brand I have shared on here previously. Focusing on natural skincare, their products are some of the very few with which my skin even gets along.  I enjoy the gentle, yet effective results I receive when using any one of their products.

This Christmas, they are offering the Abyssinian Oil Daily Skin care Heroes, a multi-shade plaid gift set featuring three of their premier products. In The Beauty Kitchen gift set, you receive a plaid makeup bag, (I received Buffalo Plaid), a full size Aroma Facial Concentrate, 30ml, Facial Moisture Cream, 50 ml, and Natural Cream Cleanser, 50ml. In addition, you also receive 5 coupons, £2.00 off each, for a total of £10.00 off your next purchase. For only £20.00, this gift set is a real steal.

The first of the three products within the Beauty Kitchen gift set is the Natural Cream Cleanser. Using one to two pumps, the cleansers gets worked on the skin to melt away your make up, leaving nothing but clean and refreshed skin. Depending on the makeup I wear on certain days, I do find I need to work it just a tad bit more than other days, however it does do a fine job of leaving my skin feel baby soft.

The second of the products is the Aroma Facial Concentrate. Used daily, this facial oil balances sebum, restores natural moisture and promotes cellular development for a bit of age defiance. With up to four drops placed around my face and working in circular motions, the oil absorbs quickly into the skin. Afterwards, I follow it with the Facial Moisture Cream, which is my favourite of the three. Housed in a pump bottle to reduce wastage, the moisturizer glides across the skin like pure silk. As the moisturizer is thicker than your average day cream, it does take a wee bit longer to absorb into the skin. Nevertheless, it leaves the skin feeling luxuriously moisturized throughout your day. Additionally, as it is thicker than most, it doubles as a night cream enabling the user to reduce what they take with them during their holiday travels.

If you know someone who is keen on skin care which is natural and luxe, this adorable gift set is a sure winner. I know I would be happy with a second set -coughhusbandreadthiscough-.


*This gift set was sent to me for review, but all thoughts an opinions are my own.

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