Cora Koa & Rose Gold Wood Watch By Jord +Giveaway

Cora Koa & Rose Gold Wood Watch By Jord +Giveaway

Jord Cora Koa and Rose Gold Watch   

“Jewelry has the power to be the that one little thing to make you feel unique” – Jennie Kwon

There is not a unique fashion bone in my body. Fashion has just never really been my forte. I do have a few keys pieces, and a set type of look I prefer. However, it can be difficult to wear what I like and walk around as such with two kids on either hand. Instead, and especially in these last few years or so, I have focused more on the accessories and jewellery side. Of them all, my much preferred/staple pieces in my wardrobe are my stand out pieces.

I enjoy earrings that flow past my shoulders, or sparkle so brightly in the sun it hurts your eyes. Midi rings that deck out every single one of my fingers, Or an exceptional time-piece. Each one must be a shower stopper, and of course, the Jord Cora Koa and Rose Gold, $275, £208, is not only a cool watch, but most certainly a show stopper. Therefore when Jord offered to send me one of their much coveted hand carved wood watches for review, the accessory junkie in me would simply not refuse.

Hand carved from the finely grained golden Koa wood, the warm tones match perfectly with the soft rose gold face and Swarovski markers. This unique watch is teamed with a deployment bucket and a push down crown for continuous time keeping. Though the watch face and band are larger than what I normally reach for in a timepiece, the Cora sits perfectly in the small of the wrist. Additionally, the weight difference is easily adaptable as the wood itself lends a lighter feel without all the heaviness dragging your arm around.

As my Jord Cora Koa and Rose Gold watch is made from real wood, I find myself being more conscientious during wear than any other piece I own. While it is splash-proof, I am quite precious with my watch, constantly ensuring water stays away from its natural grain. Additionally, after every use, I always clean and lightly condition with the mini oil pen provided. After, I then store it safely in the original wood packing and pillow to secure it in place. There is no way I would simply throw it around.

Of all my time pieces and accessories, my luxury ones luxury ones certainly do hit the mark faster than my non-luxury pieces. However, of all my pieces, including my luxury accessories, my Jord Cora Koa and Rose Gold watch has become my absolute favourite. It isn’t just about its beauty, but about how unique it is. You won’t find many others walking around with a gift as unique as my Cora.

If you like the Cora, or any other Jord watch as much as I do, I have teamed up with Jord so that my readers can enter a giveaway. One lucky winner will received a $100 gift certificate to spend on any Jord watch. However EVERYONE will receive a $25 gift certificate as a thank you for entering. Just click the banner link below to enter!



Wooden Wrist Watch


  1. August 12, 2017 / 4:32 pm

    this is such a stunning watch, I’ve not seen such beautiful detailing before !! XX

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