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Ever since following Claudia (aka Norvina) on snapchat, I have been more impressed with the Anastasia Beverly Hills brand. Her keen attention to detail is demonstrated in the quality and pigmentation during product development. Not only does it make me appreciate her efforts, but appreciate the hard work of the brand as a whole. Therefore when the Glow Kits came out, picking them up at Sephora was a no-brainer.

The ABH Glow Kits, $52.00, packaging are made from a robust sparkly cardboard with a magnetic closure. Consisting of 4 large magnetized pans, 0.26 oz each, (this does not include the two newer palettes), each pan has their individual names written on the back. As the pans are removable, this gives the user the ability to create their own customised (z) palette, while still being able to distinguish between each shade.

Each shade within their own Glow Kit are smooth, velvety and have a high metallic luminosity. Though these pans are very highly pigmented, there is virtually no kick up, and blends easily. As with each shade, all are extremely long lasting, rounding out an entire day without breaking up. This includes having dry or even oily skin. While you can easily layer each shade for a more intense metallic glow, it can begin to look the tiniest bit cakey. However, spritzing the skin with a setting spray can even out the consistency. Additionally, the shades can be worn alone or mixed together for a more personal glow that is distinctively you.

Though you may assume each palette is marketed to a specific skin tone, the Glow Kits have the keen ability to compliment everyone. No matter the shade, they can be lightly dusted on the skin and diffused for a beautiful application. If you are worried it will not work on you, do not be afraid of applying them on the body as well as the face to bring the glow a harmonious appearance.

Whether you buy them all or just a single palette, the Glow Kits are a first-rate addition to your makeup collection. You cannot go wrong.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits in Gleam

Hard CandyA soft duo chrome golden peach with a pink reflect shift. Hard Candy is a beautiful duo chrome pink shift that looks amazing on recently sun bathed skin. Applied on the upper cheeks, shoulders, collar bones and décolleté, it gives the illusion of glowing all over. For a more intense pigmentation, apply a light layer, wet the brush with Fix + and then apply yet another layer.

MimosaA deep metallic golden peach. If you have light medium skin tone, this shade will look amazing on the upper cheek bones. Try it on the inner corner highlight (your eyes). It will brighten and widen your eye look.

StarburstA soft cool tone pink with an iridescent finish. This shade is especially great for those with lighter skin and cooler under tones. However if you apply too much, it can look too frosty.

Crushed Pearl  – A light pink with a silver pearl finish. Another shade that is beautiful on lighter skin tones with yet with a warmer under tone. However if you are darker, it will look striking on the skin.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits in That Glow

SunburstA pale yellow gold with a metallic finish. Though sunburst is a yellow shade, once diffused on the skin, the yellow seamlessly melts into the skin for a lit from within appearance.

Golden BronzeA warm tone golden bronze with gold flecks. Golden Bronze is alluring when lightly worn on the perimeter of the skin as a gentle bronze. Do not go to ham on the application as it can begin to look to golden.

BubblyA light rose champagne with a pearl finish. Bubbly is a gorgeous highlight that can be worn every day, no matter the occasion. Try wearing alone or mixed together with Dripping in Gold when strobing.

Dripping in GoldA soft gold with a vibrant, metallic like finish. A pale golden appearance, Dripping in Gold is beautiful once it hits the light and especially when layered. This shade look amazing when foiled with Fix +.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits in Sun Dipped

BronzedA coffee with a copper finish. A beautiful and deep bronze that works best on darker skin tones as a highlight, or bronzer on medium skin tones. As it has an intense luminosity, brush on a subtle application for a more natural appearance.

SummerAn alabaster yellow with an pale gold metallic finish. An almost duo chrome like shade, Summer is beautiful when worn as a lip and an inner corner highlight.

TourmalineA warm taupe with a rose gold finish. In the palette, the shade looks somewhat ashy, bordering on gray toned, especially in the white light of Sephora. However the swatch and application on the skin has made Tourmaline my favourite ABH highlighter. On me, the slight rose gold finish is the most ideal, looking very natural yet brilliant.  On lighter skin shades, mix with Moonstone.

MoonstoneA milky peach with a pearl finish. This shade can be worn on all skin tones, whether light or dark as it is the most natural shade in the palette. Apply lightly and diffuse with a fan brush to keep the natural appearance.

Do you have any of the Glow Kits? What are your thoughts?