I am not one of those girls who gets disappointed when they receive a perfume sample in the mail or with a purchase. In fact, I love it. For me, I love all kinds of scents, and discovering what works for me. For a signature scent, it is something for which I am still on the hunt. This is also true for so many others. However finding a scent can be difficult and down right hard on the nose (and allergies if you have them). Thankfully House Of Fraser has a nifty little quiz to help you discover your Signature Scent.



Finding your signature scent with this adorable quiz is surprisingly spot on. With puzzling questions like “It’s Cocktail o’clock – what’s your tipple of choice?“; I was truly chuffed the perfumes that came up where ones I truly do like. Zesty and fruit? Yes, I do love ’em!

These zesty and fruit scents were, for instance, the fruity Gucci Flora Glorious Mandarin Eau De Toilette, £76, and Jo Malone London Basil & Neroli Cologne, £86 to which IS a personal favourite. Specifically with the Jo Malone, every time I see this particular perfume, I am drawn in to take a whiff… and sneak a spray when the employees aren’t looking (hands up if you do this). Of course it is also true with all Jo Malone perfumes. Delightfully so, the guide even has a link to further assist in additional similar scents that might catch your gander. This list has even more perfumes that I already adore! This quiz is truly brilliant.

If you are looking for signature scent, searching for a new one, or even trying to create a Christmas list for those who ask for it, I implore you to use this fabulous guide. It can certainly point you to the right direction. And who knows, maybe you WILL find YOUR signature scent.

*This post is in collaboration with HOF, yet all thoughts and opinions are my own.


P.S (Personal update)
Every time peace reigns in my household, I take one solid deep breath, and am back in a world fraught with struggle. Three weeks ago, we had works issues resulting in me waking up at 3 am, and going to bed at midnight. Two weeks ago, my entire family fell ill. Last week, I had two major emergencies which resulted me ending up in the hospital with my little boy both times.

This week, the work struggle is back and three fold. A mobile phone had a counter fall on it (during construction) and shattered. The oven stopped working. My work printer toner ran out (I need the ink immediately for work, and had to run out and get it… took me 4 hours!). My credit card was blocked by the bank… twice. And more. And it is only Tuesday. I need a break and can’t even catch one. The only time I rest is when I get some sleep, and even then my dreams are filled with stress and anxiety. -large sigh-…

All of this rambling is leading to my apologies for not posting regularly and having issues with commenting and responding to your comments. I swear I will get to them Please be patient with me 🙁
My life has been inundated with so much stress lately, I will be honest, I had a massive break down yesterday. I spent all day crying and dry heaving.

I just need time…