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Colourpop haul two swatchesColourpop HaulShopping for makeup has been LIFE here in Canada! During our resting days from looking for a house/car/everything, I would be an avid online shopper or Sephora stalker. Drugstore or highend, I was/am there. This, naturally, included my first ever Colourpop Haul…in Canada (since there have been others via third party for UK delivery)

For my ColourPop Haul, delivery took just over two weeks, though this was mostly in part to Canadian customs. However it arrived in perfect condition and without extra fees. Typically so, Snapchat (Chocandlipstick) got a sneak peek of not only the products, but also application. With a mix of lip products, face products and eye products, they were just a sight to see.

Amongst the lip products I purchased, one was the Lippie Stix in Cami, Matte X formula, $5.00. In a neutral mauve pink, the matte x has high amounts of pigmentation, requiring only a single coat. The formula is light enough to glide evenly, and lasts on the lips without drying them out. While it isn’t moisturizing in any way, by the end of the day, your lips won’t be cracked due to hydration.

I also purchased three additional Ultra Satins Lips to add to my ever growing collection. The first was Botanical, $6.00. A matte neon peachy coral that looks great on bronzed skin. It can be wearable with a single swipe, or over the top when more than one coat is applied. However a single coating can be hard to achieve as the formula is quite patchy. I have found the best way to wear this beaut is as a center of the lip addition.

I also received Littlestitious, $6.00, a matte dusty pastel pink, and London Fog, $6.00, a matte cool toned blue-red. Both have a deep saturation of pigmentation enabling long wear without being patchy. The Ultra Satin’s are luxurious on the lips, however after a day of wear, the lips can feel dry. Therefore bring along a lip balm. Overall however, the Ultra Satin’s in any shade have become a purse favourite.

Of all of the products I purchase this time around, sadly the Créme Gel Colour in Swerve, $6.00, is not a favourite. Swerve is a deep, jet black cream gel eye liner and do not get me wrong, it is still a great eyeliner, except straight from the pot, it is quite dry. Application can be difficult, and the need to re-dip the brush strong, however the liner is transfer proof. I needed to lightly scrub my eyes to remove the liner, which makes its longevity incredible, though harsh on the eye lids. To encourage a more smooth application, I applied a single drop of my Duraline. This not only enabled easier application, it allowed it be waterproof, sweat proof and fool proof. With the Duraline (or MUR Aqua Seal), it is a hero product. Without, it is too faffy!

Within the haul, I also purchase three eye products in this ColourPop Haul. The first: Nillionaire, $5.00, a warm bronze with gold and multicolour glitter Super Shock Eyeshadow in a mettallic finish. The eyeshadow has full pigmentation and applies easily, though blending can be an issue if left too long. Also, due to glitter, it does have fallout therefore keep a wipe nearby. Regardless, the eyeshadow will last all day without creasing, nor fading, nor budging.

The second of these purchases is a créme gel liner pencil in Prance, $5.00. Prance is a vibrant periwinkle liner that needs a single swipe to apply with full colour. Though not waterproof, the liner has lasted all day on the waterline without fading nor running. Furthermore, unlike the gel pot, the liner is genuinely creamy, and soft on the eyes without tugging. After one use, I can see why there is hype around these liners.

The last of the eye products is the Eyebrow Pencil in Bangin’ Brunette, $5.00. In a true shade of brown, the pencil is surprisingly long wearing, with no fading nor melting off the face (especially during this heat wave). The fine tip pencil enables the user to create minute hairs making it appearance quite natural. However the pencil includes a fine spooley (think ABH) to soften out any harsh application. Just a word of caution: do not over extend the pencil as it will not go back down (now I know). Also, the lids on either side are different sizes. If you put the lids on the wrong sides, you will break off the pencil. Aside from that little niggle, the pencils are brilliant, regardless of their low price tag. I highly recommend.

Finally, I also received Super Shock Cheek Highlighter in Wisp, $8.00. The champagne gold with a duo chrome finish is a creamy texture that applies beautifully on the cheek, though can easily be over applied. Ideal for strobing, the highlight has been magnificent on my skin, looking natural or as if my cheeks are high beams. Due to its texture, Wisp may appear thick when applied, however melts into the skin to create a glowing from within appearance. And thankfully, just like all other Colourpop products, lasts all day on the skin. Be sure to not over apply your setting spray, either wise it will breakup the highlight.

With a few adjustments, this Colourpop haul was a complete success. I love their lip and eye products, but above all, their highlighters just has my eyes sparkle. I simply cannot get enough.

Have you purchased any Colourpop recently? What are your favourites?

What I’m wearing from this ColourPop Haul:

ColourPop Pencil in Bangin’ Brunette
ColourPop Eyeliner in Swerve
ColourPop Highlight in Wisp
ColourPop Super Shock Eyeshadow in Nillionaire
ColourPop Lippie Stix in Cami all over the lips
ColourPop Ultra Satin in Littlestitious in the middle of the lips.

*My apologize about these pics. I am still getting used to the new lighting, and working with it.

Colourpop Haul selfie image