Setting powder

which setting powder

I have very simple rules for when I use a setting powder: work. However, it isn’t easy to find a setting powder to do the whole job. Instead I work off of a cocktail that can change at any given moment. Oily skin? Check. Enlarged pores? Check. Dry under eye? Double Check. With multiple skin concerns, it is best for me know which brand to reach for with that particular task.

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder, 30 ml, $47.00 – A silky setting powder with sheer coverage for a matte finish. Though it is considered lightweight, the powder is actually quite heavy duty. Of the powders I own, my Laura Mercier is the only setting powder I reach for in regards to oily skin. It keeps the oil at bay longer than the others, leaving a matte though flat appearance. Additionally, as it combats oil, this characteristic makes it the Baking King. However, Laura Mercier can be too heavy for under my dry eyes, leaving it looking crepe like and aged, so I avoid its use in this region all together. Additionally, if overused, it can create a slight white cast on the skin, therefore ensuring to dust it off properly is integral. Finally, if you have sensitive skin, it can be slightly itchy.
Ideal for those with oily skin. Just be sure to blot before reapplying as it will appear cakey.

Make Up For Ever High Definition Powder Microfinish, 30 ml, $42.00 – A translucent finishing powder to be applied over foundation or worn alone. The powder is silky, feeling extra finely milled against the skin. This texture can actually transform the look of the skin itself giving it a smoothed appearance, such as with enlarged pores, making it ideal for photography. However, the pot itself has a canvas sieve which makes using it for baking difficult. That being said, dipping a brush into the product to dust the face to set leaves a satiny appearance. The soft focus of the powder does wear off rather easily, yet reapplying will not build up cakey layer on the skin due to the addition of the sieve.
Ideal for those with normal skin, raised skin issues (such as spots) and enlarged pores.

Vichy Dermablend Loose Setting Powder, 30 ml, $38.00 review here – A transparent and finely milled powder used to reinforce wear-ability. The loose setting powder is delicate enough on the skin to prevent those with skin sensitive from breaking out. It’s soft and finely milled leaving the skin appearing ultra smooth without any cakiness. However, while it can extent the use of concealer and foundation, any natural oils do raise to the surface uninhibited. Nonetheless, the large sifter makes it easy to bake to further prevent this during the day. If, however you do have extremely oily skin, any reapplication can result in built up layers, therefore enhanced blotting is required. It is also the only one available in 3 shades.
Ideal for those with normal skin, sensitive skin and those with no skin concerns.  

RCMA Makeup No-Color Powder, 30 ml, $12.00 – A translucent veil used to set the face without leaving a cakey nor cast like appearance. This translucent setting powder is practically idiot proof. It has a wide lid which is ideal for baking. the setting powder leaves no hint of colour whatsoever on the skin, and does not cling to any dry patches, nor fine lines under the eyes. It can be used to set any eye primer, foundation and concealer to extend  wear time, especially when used to bake. However as there is no proper sifter, it can be messy to work with, and at times wasteful. Additionally, those with oily skin will want to use more of the powder and wear it for longer to help combat oil. Despite this, you  will still need to blot and reapply at the end of the day.
Ideal for those with dry skin and sensitive skin.


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